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Also Giving Thanks For…

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the Bon’s Eye family would like to express gratitude during the month of November for the marketing innovations that make our jobs possible – and our client’s businesses successful. Last week we reflected on Social Media, possibly the most influential tool to reshape today’s PR scene. Now, we’d like to give thanks for a slightly less mainstream marketing tool: Demographic polling software.

Do you ever wonder why you happen to receive direct mail or email blasts from businesses conveniently relevant to your lifestyle? They seemingly know your wants, needs and interests on a real-time basis.

Possibly it’s coincidental…They are sending the same mass message to everyone and you just-so-happen to be interested. In some cases this might be true. But more likely, you are the subject of “purpose-driven marketing.” Using demographic / psychographic polling software, the company pursuing your business has tracked your buying trends, hobbies, likes, dislikes, average spending budget, etc.

Such demographic / psychographic tools let marketing geeks (like us at BEM) really learn your habits. Through garnering this type of data, we can:

Look at it this way. Remember when you needed to write a research paper back in school? Academically, the goal was to present the facts in a thorough, accurate manner that ultimately educates the end-reader. Personally, the goal was to impress the teacher or professor enough to get a good grade! The same two scenarios generally apply to marketing a business to consumers / other businesses.

When a client asks BEM to promote their business, we first identify the target audience (customers ready to purchase said product / service). Next we dissect that group’s personality and lifestyle – from average age, income, race, family life, buying habits, media intake habits, and so on. Our goal: show the consumer (like the professor) we’ve done our homework.

It is through demographic polling software that we can access / analyze such information. Ultimately, these tools let us build an appropriate and purposeful marketing plan. At the end of the day, we can physically show our clients statistics and facts about their ideal consumers – often putting them at ease and offering clarity for “why” we implement certain tactics. For that, we’re graciously thankful for demographic / psychographic polling software. Gobble, Gobble y’all!