Bon’s Eye Marketing

BEM Inspired by Heinz Memorial Chapel

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA, to work with client Team PHenomenal Hope, Team BEM got a chance to visit the Heinz Memorial Chapel, a nondenominational chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The Neo-Gothic style house of worship, still used for weddings and ceremonies today, was a gift to the university from tomato ketchup-purveyor Henry John Heinz.

Upon entering, it’s hard to miss the colorful and gigantic stained glass windows – the Charity and Hope windows, they’re called – that tower skyward. If you’re a church-going person or someone who studied ecclesiastical architecture, you might expect these windows to feature Christendom’s more traditional figures and scenes.


What a delight it was to see that these windows also included persons of historic and cultural significance the world over up through the late 19th century: from St. John to Leonardo da Vinci to Louis Pasteur, Abigail Adams and Abe Lincoln. In all, 391 identifiable figures grace these windows.

This pleasant discovery makes the Chapel’s stained glass all the more powerful because of the hundreds of stories – including many from the modern era, ones we may have even grown up with – going on in each frame. Suddenly, the glass becomes alive, relevant and human in ways beyond just the sacred. It becomes a tapestry of all humanity.

At Bon’s Eye Marketing, we believe in this same tapestry – the ability to work with businesses to find and showcase those unique, humanizing stories that build a dynamic, charismatic brand. Brands that motivate – not because of gimmick but because of authenticity – customers to engage, invest and refer.

When you tell your company or business story, you elicit a response from customers that shows you’re committed to your product or service. In fact, you have a connection to that product or service that transcends the everyday – same as when we gaze upon the figures in the Heinz Memorial Chapel stained glass.