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Bon’s Eye Secrets: Logo Design

Bon’s Eye Marketing is founded on the principle that good marketing comes from great creativity. We do our best to conceive original ideas and strategies that will make your business as successful as possible. But we don’t want to keep our creative minds all to ourselves. We want to share our knowledge with you, the community, because we believe a well-educated community is a better one. Here’s a little insight into what Bon’s Eye does on a regular basis (without giving all our secrets away).

A logo can make or break a business. Through that one image, your potential customers subconsciously make assumptions about your company’s professionalism, credibility and general culture. Your logo is your first impression, so it stands to reason that you should think long and hard about every detail when designing the piece. The Bon’s Eye design team has had plenty of experience with logo design, so we’ve decided to share a few things to remember when creating that first impression.

1.       Always think about the target audience

Your logo needs to convey what you’re selling, your company’s differentiators and the general culture of your business – from the consumer’s perspective. It doesn’t matter why you love your company; what matters is why your customer is going to love it. Every design decision should be made from their perspective.

2.       Be recognizable and credible

A good logo stands out from the rest. Your color scheme, shape, font and symmetry should be identifiable whether isolated or among others. Credibility is Key. Your business runs the risk of appearing unprofessional and careless if your logo isn’t well thought-out.

3.       Dig a little deeper than the obvious

Fight temptation to incorporate over-used visuals. If your business is Blue Sky Locksmith, a cloud, sun or key would work as a logo. But what about a kite? It still brings to mind visions of blue skies and keys – without the clichés. Searching beyond the obvious does not mean it has to be complicated. In fact, a simpler logo is often better.