Bon’s Eye Marketing

Effective Simplicity

“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” -Paul Rand

I chose to open with that quote because it encapsulates the principles I use for my design aesthetic. Specifically, it reflects how I go about logo development, which Mr. Rand had no equal.

I tell every logo client that my goal is to drill down the design to its simplest form. Brand strength does not come by crafting complexity for the sake of complexity.  Taking that approach often leads to a convoluted end result, and the mark loses its effectiveness.

It’s understandable that some try to “over explain” in a logo.  There’s a tendency to believe that this defining mark offers a one-time-shot to describe your business product or services.

However, there are other tools that can do THAT job much better. Consider videos, ads, websites and collateral materials to articulate your entire story. It takes all of these pieces properly coming together to create a brand experience. The logo’s job, however, is to be the gateway…the trigger… It is the forefront of this total identity.

Paul Rand was a master at effective simplicity.  All the above logos are easily recognized, and you will probably call up images, feelings, etc just by seeing the mark. Alone, the logo by itself spells out nothing more than a name. However, they symbolize the business’s greater meaning – and they do so in clean, simple terms.