Bon’s Eye Marketing

Giving Thanks For…

“Turkey Day” is coming up, and everyone seems preoccupied with preps for family get-togethers – and of course – the dinner we look forward to year ’round. But while we are already salivating over this seasonal feast some seven days out, let us not forget to remember for what we are thankful. There’s good health, loved-ones, great friends and much more.

At our Bon’s Eye family, we also like to reflect on all of the marketing innovations that make our jobs possible and client’s businesses successful. Throughout November, we will pay homage to these PR game changers – and simply put, give thanks!

BEM would be remiss if we didn’t launch this blog series by expressing our gratitude for one of the greatest outreach tools to impact us as a generation – Social Media. I am sure you weren’t expecting that (insert overly-sarcastic tone). Well, let’s face it. Ever since this mode of online communications came into play, it’s changed how we socialize in our daily lives and in the business world as a whole.

According to a survey released by Offerpop (a leader in next generation social marketing platforms), 90 percent of participants said that following a brand on social media makes them either “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to consider the brand for purchasing around holiday season. Also, 30 percent said they have or will turn to social media to discover new gift ideas.

Clearly, there are obvious reasons as to why social media benefits many brands. From a marketing standpoint – it’s the consumer interaction that stems from these networks. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter allow consumers to not only share feedback with the brand itself, but discuss their thoughts with others. For the first time, we as marketers truly gain access to the client’s inner-circle – unfiltered. Through this virtual word-of-mouth, we hear what the consumers like, dislike, desire, etc. Finally, the brand can tweak, adapt and target deliverables based on real-time customer trends.

Another aspect of Social Media that most marketers love: Instant access to target demographics. There is no such thing as message delay when it comes to online chat platforms. When done properly, social media marketing tracks topics / interests that resonate with the brand’s client base. This is gained by monitoring the client base’s posts. Related, purpose-driven messages are then quickly issued to appeal to these folk’s lifestyles at that exact moment in time. Businesses can post these targeted messages themselves, or hire a marketing team to update the platforms (yes, this is a shameless plug).

Ultimately, we are grateful for so much here at BEM. However, nothing compares to the gratitude we feel for our wonderful clients… We thank you so very much for allowing us to do what we love for a living.