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It’s the MasterCard logo – Or Is It?

Most normal people don’t think about what goes into creating a logo. Apple is just an apple with a bite taken out and Google is just a bunch of colorful letters. But most normal people don’t know what makes a good logo; they just know a bad one when they see it.

Graphic designers and marketing agencies can recognize a bad logo too but they can tell you why it won’t bring in any extra bucks. There are elements like typography, vision and design that determine the uniqueness of a logo. At Bon’s Eye, we recognize this concept but we aren’t the only agency who does.

Inetdesign, a Danish branding agency created a video that uses a collage of well-known logos to explain what makes them so exemplary. They removed the actual brand names, and replaced them with words

The actual script of the video talks about the importance of branding, how good branding is like telling a story, and how the successful brands are the ones who win the marathon, not the sprint. The sequence of logos combined with the narration overlay does a wonderful job of highlighting exactly how iconic logos have become in our culture. We don’t need the actual brand name if the design elements are strong enough on their own. And really who needs Burger King when you’ve got the Golden Ratio?