Bon’s Eye Marketing

The Brand ‘Touch’

Ever run your hand over fine stationery – maybe a wedding invitation or a special holiday card?

In these digital times when much of our correspondence is electronic (and, therefore, “un-touchable”), we rather quickly forget the history of correspondence and how, say, receiving a written letter on paper makes us feel. See, communication is more than just words; it’s also the delivery or packaging of those words.

At BEM, we believe that a relevant, thriving brand demonstrates mind (personality and ideals), body (aesthetic as it regards visual presentation) and voice (a consistent and well-crafted message.)

Being able to “touch” or see incarnate the “body” of a brand – as far out as that seems – goes a long way both differentiating it from competitors and building an audience of potential customers.

So, what are some examples of building brand through the sensation of touch?

1. Business cards are probably one of the easiest examples that differentiate and convey brand feeling. Cards printed on cotton or linen echo elegance and refinement. Cards printed on recycled paper or lightweight wood transmit an earthy feel — a mindfulness of things ecological. Business cards printed on metals or plastics show durability, strength and tend to stand out among traditional papers.

2. If your business has a brochure or other collateral piece, the “feel” of these materials is equally important to your brand experience. Maybe your “leave behind” is coated with a particular varnish (print vendors offer many). Don’t underestimate these “touchpoint moments,” as certain materials evoke very powerful emotions, compelling consumers to engage, invest and return.

3. You can also capture the body of your brand through promotional products. At BEM, we have a wonderful little bookmark made of seed paper, as in the kind that grows flowers when you’re finished reading the latest best seller. The bookmark’s feel is consistent with our brand – organic, thoughtful, comforting and deliberate. It delivers the message that we are with our clients from the start, as they blossom and grow – naturally, never forcefully – beyond the competition.

The adage They may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget the way you made them feel was never truer. Make customers feel your brand – both in word and deed by creating memorable and differentiating collateral that exercises the touch sensation.


    David Frederiksen, Creative Director