Bon’s Eye Marketing

Welcome Julian

Each semester, Bon’s Eye welcomes an intern into our creative shop. These next-generation marketers always bring a fresh perspective, not only as young professionals eager to carve out an industry niche, but as new personalities to our already quirky mix! This month, we welcome Julian Morris – a soon-to-be marketing senior at UNCW. We’ve asked Julian to tell us a bit about himself, in his own words. With out further ado, I introduce you to the next BEM victim… I mean student associate. Seriously, we’re extremely excited to have this smart, ambitious force joining the team. Welcome Julian!

Hi, my name is Julian Morris. I’m a marketing student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington going into my big, bad senior year. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, I moved to Apex, NC, when I was in elementary school. When not working or participating in school organizations, I love to hop on the piano or grab a basketball and play some hoops with friends. A couple years ago, I started a small digital marketing agency called Jules & Gems Media, the experience of which has further reinforced my life’s passion: marketing.

My skills and talents rest in creating value for people, places and things. I love to encourage, mentor and advise friends. In the same way, I love to advise clients on how best to add value to their business through marketing, specifically using digital means.

I someday hope to put my digital expertise to work full time at an amazing marketing agency like Bon’s Eye Marketing (wink, wink). If I decide to take a more entrepreneurial route, I would love to continue developing my skills and become a successful business owner.

Another passion of mine is mentoring young people. My vision is to someday create a non-profit with the help of others who are open to mentoring the new generation. There are so many young people who need help understanding their potential and how to use it. My goal would be to help them realize and unlock this potential.

I have many favorite advertising campaigns. Recently, I watched an Apple TV ad featuring Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan (the actor) titled “Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan.” Even though it was a bit of an advertising sleight of hand, it’s also exactly why I loved it. It definitely intrigued me, and the commercial was hilarious because it played on the fact that the actor, Michael B. Jordan, was playing as Kobe in an upcoming movie. It hit me right in the feels yet stayed epic and relevant enough to appropriately represent the tech juggernaut we all know and love, Apple.

I look forward to my time with Bon’s Eye Marketing and learning more about my life’s passion.