Bon’s Eye Marketing

What Direction Are You Waving?

“Who’s your audience?”

It’s one of the first questions we ask clients. Why? Because audience often establishes the direction, tone and tactics of your marketing plan, not to mention revenue generation.

In most cases, you’re not selling to everyone. When you invented your service or product, you probably had a very specific consumer in mind.

The importance of audience came home the other day as I waited for one of modern transportation’s greatest advents: Uber. I had requested a ride, and the Uber app indicated who was picking me up and what they were driving: an economy-size Ford.

Standing roadside, I thought I saw my ride come into view. The driver made a gradual U-turn to get to my location, and while she did, I waved furiously to get her attention.

The driver did not look up.

The driver did not acknowledge my wild, frantic waving.

In fact, the driver made her U-turn, then sped by at a high rate of speed.

I ceased waving my arms and looked at my smart phone to confirm what I was looking for: yup, a Prius. Apparently, I had my cars confused.

In business you have to be sure who you’re trying to attract. So often individuals and companies with great services or products fail to define their audience and end up waving to the wrong group of consumers. As a result, they miss their target.

At Bon’s Eye, we’ll help you find your audience, hit your target and get you waving at the right folks.


    David Frederiksen, Creative Director