Bon’s Eye Marketing

Words Cannot Express…

This “thank you” is especially close to the heart of BEM’s writing team. After all, it allows them to better craft our clients’ web identities. Throughout November, we’ve expressed gratitude for our favorite marketing innovations, strategies, tools, etc. We’d be remised if we didn’t shine light on a major component in online messaging: SEO-based content.

There are many factors that launch a business’s website to the top of search engine lists. SEO-based content – the process of incorporating popular keywords in site copy – plays an important role. Engines register the number of times a heavily-searched word appears on a website. They use this calculation – in part – to determine the order in which sites appear.

Still, websites are not the only place to mesh keywords with interesting copy. We also use SEO-based content when writing press releases. Upon granting coverage, most media outlets publish the releases online. If done properly, this keyword-loaded copy could bump your release to the top of the list. Other SEO content-friendly applications include online advertisements (pay-per-click) and blogs.

For BEM’s wordsmiths, SEO-based writing challenges them to tap into their creative spirit while adhering to a technical formula. In other words, the most effective web content wins the attention of both the reader AND the search engines. It’s creative meets analytical. Being a team of lexicon lovers and strategy nerds, we are happy to combine these two skillsets for a single goal: Market exposure.