Bon’s Eye Marketing penned its opening chapter 15 years ago.

In the beginning, we tapped into a wealth of journalistic experience to build our vision. A family-forged agency, we consisted of three former media members – from writers to editors. To a person, we were always passionate about discovering, evolving, and sharing meaningful narratives with the world. There was nothing better to us than telling another person’s story in a way that got others to stop, listen and move closer. Still, the print media world was shrinking and each of us wanted to find new ways to get the word out. We started looking a bit closer at brand development and customer communications, realizing each held so many fresh avenues to create powerful, plot-driving moments.

In launching Bon’s Eye, we looked to harness our same energy for storytelling, but apply it to the business world. We knew every great piece gravitated around a character, and in our heads, there was no reason a brand couldn’t play that leading role. After all, we felt even the most-formal corporate identities could be refined to project living qualities that grow bonds with customers. So, we set out to partner with companies that saw value in wearing more than merely a hard sell on their metaphorical sleeves.

We aligned with businesses that wanted to standout – be seen as something greater than just a vendor of products or services. We carved our niche in bringing “life” to meaningful brands, all the while developing infrastructure for them to continuously evolve with their markets’ interests.

We quickly learned that when properly crafted, nurtured, and positioned, there are attributes – emotional as well as physical – that can keep a brand forever attractive to its audience. Around Bon’s Eye, we refer to these connection-catalysts as the brand’s Mind (its personality), Body (its look) and Voice (its message). Each day, we develop these qualities for brands to help them inspire people to move closer, take action, and forge a lasting relationship. Over the years, Bon’s Eye has grown into a full team of creative innovators, consisting of marketing strategists, graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, web developers and social media specialists.

We’ve been fortunate to work with all types of operations, from mom-and-pop startups to international powerhouses. We’re eager to further work with your team, experience your brand, and evolve your business legacy as a modern, can’t miss identity.

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