A System Built to Wow Customers & Zees

Bon’s Eye developed FranBAM to solve a common marketing problem among emerging franchises – Total Brand Chaos. If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, you’ve probably spotted concepts that are spiraling out of control…no consistency in identity from one location to the next, zees that express agitation over lack of promotional support, stressed-out corporate marketing teams, stagnant looking brand materials, etc.

Through FranBAM – our customized Brand Asset Management system – franchisors maintain control of their most valuable asset – identity – while franchisees get a sense of marketing independence.

Your FranBAM System will:
  • Give your franchisees a leg up to regularly wow their markets.
  • Boost your appeal among potential franchise candidates through robust support.
  • Minimize franchisee demand on your corporate team.
  • Lock in your control over your franchise’s identity at every level of growth.

Developing Your FranBAM System

Modeling Phase

It all starts by mapping out the exact sales and marketing materials your franchisees will need to be successful in their territories. Your Bon’s Eye team will walk you through this discovery process, helping identify what tools will have the greatest impact for your growing brand. We’ll also work with you on the aspects of these pieces that will be open to franchisee edits, giving them the power for some customization, without allowing them to completely go rogue with the brand.

Design Phase

Next, our senior designers, videographers and copywriters will bring these materials to life. Applying unique creative, strategic messaging and showstopping aesthetic, we’ll build out a customized suite of tools that boldly amplify your brand story.

Programming Phase

Meanwhile, our web programmers and graphic artists will develop your online FranBAM System. It will house all of your sales and marketing materials, making them available, editable and printable for your franchisees in a one-stop virtual shop.

Launch & Onboarding Phase

Once we’ve completed construction on your FranBAM System, Bon’s Eye will roll it out to your entire franchise family. This includes a series of tutorials and training sessions.

Ongoing Evolution!

Your FranBAM will be built to last the test of time. The tools will remain there for as long as you’d like. That said, many growing franchises want seasonal updates to their identity systems, showcasing their evolving brand narrative. For those concepts, we offer quarterly and annual plans for continued refresh of marketing and sales tools.

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

What Marketing Tools Can Be Housed in My FranBAM?

The short answer: Just about every communication vehicle imaginable! This includes brochures, business cards, signage, coupons, direct mail pieces – with the ability to drop ship right from your system, social media graphic sets, video libraries for commercials and online marketing, promotional products, flyers, handouts, and so much more.

What Can My Franchisees Customize in FranBAM?

Aside from editable contact information, we can create your custom FranBAM System to allow changes to taglines, photos, video text overlays, specific location copy, value proposition content, etc.

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