Marketing Half Empty or Half Full? What is Your Brand Story in 2019?

January 30, 2019

Know what you're brewing in the New Year.

It's the morning of 2019. In this rise-and-shine stage of the New Year, we're faced with fresh opportunity. At businesses all over, there are percolating marketing ideas and plans for breakout sales. For most of us, there's an urgency to throw on our brand's best, get moving and be noticed. But before you potentially bolt into the marketplace with your zipper down, slow your roll just a smidge.

Pour a cup of coffee, and your energy into a simple strategy. Take this time to consider where you've been and where you want to be.

Revisit all of the positioning tools that tell your brand story.


  • What brand assets exist?
  • How are we measuring them?
  • Are they still relevant?
  • Could they be better aligned?
  • Do we need more?

Now's that crack-of-dawn moment to map out the metaphorical day ahead. In this case, the next 12 months. You've got so much untapped potential waiting for you out there. Make sure you approach it with tact, purpose and understanding. The other option is to blast ahead in spaz mode, and that just sends people running away.

Bon's Eye uses this Brand Checklist to help clients take inventory on all the tools that influence their audience's decisions. If anything, it's a good quick read over a cup of joe for early mornings just like this.

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