At the root of every thriving business is a brand that resonates with its target market. These brands most always look appealing, tell an intriguing story and deliver on a unique set of principles. It’s this magnetism – this central narrative – that plants the seed for long-term consumer buy-in and loyalty.

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At Bon’s Eye Marketing (BEM), we develop charismatic business identities. We take a comprehensive approach to define exactly what your audience needs to feel, see and hear to make a purchasing decision. We call it building the brand's Mind, Body, and Voice. Let us grow your company's persona and compel your market to engage, invest and return.

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Your Business is Not Cookies and Cream

“Hey, he has more than I do,” my five-year-old daughter Giulian shouted as I slid a heaping bowl of ice cream to her side of the dinner table. She propped herself up in her chair and riffled off a litany of points about the fairness of our household dessert politics. My son had already devoured … [Read More]

Marketing: Academic, Magic or Fluff?

There's a lot of science in what we do as marketers. We study consumer behavior, measure the effectiveness of certain messages, delve into the psychology of aesthetics...And the list goes on. This part usually gets overlooked by outside spectators, and understandably so. It's not up front, but … [Read More]

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