Brand Management

October 4, 2019

Cruising Now, But Who's Driving?

Over the last few miles, your brand has really picked up speed. You're turning heads, and a crowd of new customers has flagged down your business for a lift. They want your products or services and are eager to invite others along the way. Yeah, it's turning into one hell of a ride, but to where?

It's easy to let the thrill of high-performance, accelerated growth drive you. Still, someone needs to take the wheel and steer – at least if you want to avoid hitting a wall. If your only destination point is, "Until the gas runs out," the best that can happen is you drift to an idle stop. It's a scenario that can be a death kiss to a business on the move.

In the world of brand management, someone's always watching the road ahead while keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror.

They oversee everything from market navigation, speed, mileage, and direction. There's always a Point A and Point B to each leg of the journey. There's clear vision, and the brand never runs out of fuel.

If you don't have someone doing this in your business right now, buckle up. You're in a moving vehicle without a driver.

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