Facebook Ads: The 101 for an Effective Campaign

June 14, 2019

According to the New York times, we're exposed to roughly 5,000 ads per day. With Facebook being a key player among the platforms pushing those promotions, it can be hard for a brand to rise above with an offer that's appealing, different and click-worthy. So, we've cooked up six ways to create effective Facebook ads that won't get lost in the noise.

Identify the Need

What's the point of advertising a product if the consumer doesn't know the need it fulfills? Educate your audience on "Why" it makes sense for them to take action. You can encourage them along with exclusive deals or timely sales to create a sense of urgency. However, make sure your Facebook ads clearly spells out the problem, then offers the solution.

Less is More

Your copy should be precise and easy to understand. Too many words not only will confuse, but also will defy Facebook's advertising policies. In other words, the posting could be denied. A strong visual and simple, but compelling, call to action works best when trying to get attention as people scroll.

Target Audience

Why advertise a popular teen clothing item to a middle-aged man? Taking a broad stroke approach with your audience segmentation could lead to just that. Don't simply boost without considering basic demographics and habits. Use Facebook's Insights to first understand your audience's location, gender, language. Then through Facebook's targeting features, pick behaviors and interests that resonate with the folks you want to reach.


Facebook allows you to track usage times of your audience and coordinate your ad post to run during peak hours when you're most likely to get in front of them. If you're a brick and mortar business and your call to action requires them to stop by or pick up the phone, make sure your ad only runs when your doors are open. Post during peak hours so you're sure to get in their feed when they're looking.


The appearance of your Facebook ads should be cohesive, pairing the right look with the right message at the right time.

Test Formats on Your Facebook Ads

Try testing various formats to see how your audience responds. For example, certain products or services might present better in a short ten second video, while others get the point across in a still graphic. In certain cases where the focus is selling multiple products, interactive ads that allow you to swipe left let the audience navigate quickly and on their terms to view the full spectrum of offerings.

Whatever the pitch, the same underlying ad rules apply. Make it target specific, cut down on clutter, position it at the right time, and test responses.

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