How to Craft Effective Brand Copywriting

October 4, 2019

Develop A Brand Story that Attracts

If you have a brand, it has a story. When crafted properly, this narrative can attract people far and wide for many, many years. The secret to others wanting to step closer and listen to your story relies on its ability to entertain, offer some type of valuable information, or resonate with them on a personal level.

To do this, brand copywriting must follow some basic rules of thumb – all of which require creating outside of yourself. The best ones:

  • Continuously observe, and speak to, their audience's state of mind – their wants, needs, emotions, triggers.
  • Adapt their tone based on the audience's personality and mood.
  • Identify the brand's plot, main characters (including customers), settings, twists, themes, and morals.
  • Throw away useless words and anecdotes that sound clever, but don't provide any real value to the larger message.
  • Know how to take complex topics and present them in a way the audience can understand.
  • Don't fall in love with their work. They realize some people will always critique style and delivery.

99 percent of failed messaging comes down to content that appeals more to the creator than the target audience. It's produced by and for them. We call it ego writing!

It's much more effective for brands to develop a narrative that welcomes customers into the journey and inspires them to keep turning the proverbial page. After all, if you want people to invest their time and money into your story, it's best to pen a Choose Your Own Adventure than a single-focus autobiography.

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