Moving on A Marketing Plan

October 4, 2019

Willpower Gets You to New Places. Not the Map.

At some point in life, we've all had big plans. Big plans to learn a new skill. Big plans to get into better shape. Big plans to try something we've never attempted before. In some form or fashion, we've all had big plans to advance ourselves on this journey.

Many of us spent quite a bit of time and thought towards this end. We dug deep into our psyche, exploring the "why?" and "what ifs?" of such change. We wrestled with the idea of commitment. We weighed the benefits of potential outcome against the comforts of our current position.

In the end, we formulated a plan – a map – based on all of this data. We outlined a starting point, milestones and desired destination. Now all that stood in the way of us progressing was physical execution.

It's at this defining moment, so many big plans devolve into colossal energy wastes. In some cases, we succumbed to analysis paralysis. "What foot should I lead with to get the biggest push off?" Other times we become overwhelmed by the breadth of scope, too exhausted to carry out under the weight of our own self-imposed hype. It's a Screw It point that keeps our feet planted exactly where we stood from the outset.

The real secret behind big plan success isn't so much adhering to the map, but rather tapping into willpower... staying driven and committed. After all, there are many different ways to reach a destination. Pathways will washout and detours will arise. However, no one ever went anywhere without movement – and that must be frequent and unwavering if you're looking to go new places.

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